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Trends Magazine, published by the American Animal Hospital Association, began publishing a three-part series on training opportunities for veterinary practices by Dr. Joel Gendelman and Louise Dunn.

Click to view a copy of the first article.

Using Structured On-the-Job Training to Enhance Team Performance

Click to view a copy of the second article.

Virtual Instruction: Myths and Realities

April 8th, Dr. Joel Gendelman will be presenting “A New Model for Aligning Talent and Training with Business Outcomes” at the Charlotte Area Society for Human Resource Management.Click for information on this presentation

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April 14-17: Joel Gendelman will be presenting “Aligning Business Needs with Instructional Assets – A Sucessful Performance Improvement Effort that Works!” at the Performance Improvement Conference 2013 in Reno, Nevada.

Click here for a summary of this presentation published in PerformanceXpress.

Early 2013:  Two of Dr. Gendelman’s chapters “Structured On-the-Job Training” and “Virtual Team Training”will be published in Blackwell’s Five-Miniute Veterinary Practice Management Consult”.


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