– Virtual Consulting –

by the Consulting Mentor, Dr. Joel Gendelman

Dr. Joel Gendelman
Our services are provided by Dr. Joel Gendelman, author of “Consulting Basics” published by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).

Through hard work and innovative marketing, Joel has created a thriving organization, Future Technologies Inc.

Joel is an active and widely published consultant, has been on the Editorial Board of a major professional magazine, held board positions on prestigious local and national professional organizations, published over 30 articles and three books, and holds numerous industry and professional awards. Dr. Gendelman’s energetic and light-hearted speaking style has make him a sought after speaker.

With his active schedule, Joel still finds time to “coach” both corporate organizations and private consultants from as far away as Wellington, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia on the art and science of consulting.

The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) has just released Dr. Gendelman’s book “Consulting Basics.” This is a comprehensive and definitive work on the subject of consulting. It is available from both ASTD and Amazon.com.

Click this additional link to view information on “Consulting Basics” and Joel’s other books.

Joel Gendelman’s Amazon.com Author Page

Joel’s virtual consulting engagements typically address the following critical topics.

  • Is consulting right for you?
  • How to prepare to go out on your own while you are still employed
  • Proven methods for landing that first client
  • How to cost-effectively set-up your consulting practice
  • Selling the services of your firm
  • Developing and executing a successful marketing plan
  • Crafting proposals that sell
  • Creating fair agreements
  • Marketing your services with goodwill

Kindly contact us as far in advance as possible if you would like Joel to help you.

Consulting Plans

1 hour:

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5 hours over 4 weeks:

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10 hours over 8 weeks:

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20 hours over 16 weeks:

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Rescheduling as available. No refunds.

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